The Bishops of Kenia met with Pope Francis, and since it could not be any other way, spoke of the attempt in the University of Garissa where 150 Christians students were murdered. The attack was carried by the Islamic State.

Visibly affected Mons. Anthony Muheria assured that the world’s reaction was not up to the level of the tragedy, commenting that a life in Africa has less value.

“If there would have been one exchange student from the U.S, things would have been different; what the U.S. would have done.”

He says the international community has to act now against Jihadism, because it’s not longer an isolated threat, it is a global threat. Remember that his fanaticism doesn’t have anything to do with religion.

“This is what we have to lament, and what we have to say and repeat. He can be American, Italian, Kenyan, African, Indian, Asiatic, educated, uneducated, Muslim, with money, without money, it is a life, and 150 is too many.”

The Church is giving moral and spiritual aid to the families of the victims, and also tries that the extremism doesn’t damper daily life.

“We as a Church are trying to talk to the people to forgive in this year of Mercy.Second, not allow space to hate or sense of vendetta or vengeance. It’s not easy because it’s human for persons to feel this bitterness.”

In spite that in Garissa the attempts were targeted against the Christians, the Church counts with over 7 million Christians in Kenya, one third of the country’s population. Five thousand men are getting trained to be priests in the country.

“When we are in moments of grace, in moments in which we see that the Holy Spirit is very active, present, because these fruits cannot be seen or testimony given, if there is not a strong help from the Holy Spirit.”

In his blessing on  the Pope mentioned these 150 murdered young people were killed only for the fact that they were baptized. Francis continuously denounces the persecution and the accomplice silence against the Christians.

(November 23)

Y Maria del Getsemani



0F46B77F2cresp_n_negro​In his homily at daily Mass this morning, Pope Francis said Jesus weeps because of the world war lived today, which enriches the arms dealers. “The world has not understood the way of peace,” he lamented.

“Also today He cries,” lamented the Holy Father, since “we have preferred the way of wars, the way of hate, and the way of enmities”.

“Christmas is close: there will be lights, there will be parties, lighted trees, also mangers… all falsified: the world continues making war, continues making wars. The world has not understood the way of peace.”

The Pope indicated that “today there is war everywhere; there is hate,” and he questioned “What is left of a war, of this one that we are living now?”

“What remains? Ruins, thousands of children without education, so many innocent dead: so many! And so much money in the pockets of the arms dealers.”

The Holy Father remembered that “Jesus once said, ‘It’s not possible to serve two masters: either God or riches.’ ‘Let’s build arms, in that way the economy will level off, and we continue forward with our interests.’”

“There is an ugly word of the Lord: ‘Damned!’. Because He has said: ‘Blessed be the builders of peace!’ These who work for the war, who war, are damned, are delinquents.”

Francis pointed out that “a war can be justified –between quotation marks- with many, many reasons. But when the entire world, as is happening now, is at war, the entire world! It is a piecemeal war, here, there, everywhere… there is no justification. And God cries. Jesus weeps.”

At the same time that “the arms dealers do their job,” the Pope said, “the poor agents of peace are there only to help one person, another, another, and another; they give their lives”.

He remembered, “That’s how an icon of our times did it, Theresa of Calcutta”. Against her, he pointed out, “with the cynicism of the powerful, it could be said: ‘But what has that woman done? She lost her life helping people to die?’ The way of peace is not understood.”

“It would also do us good for us to ask for the grace of weeping, for this world that does not recognize the way peace, who lives to make war, with the cynicism of saying that there is no need of doing it,” he said.

Francis exhorted to ask God for a “conversion of heart. Precisely in the threshold of this Jubilee of Mercy that our jubilee, our joy be the grace for the world to find again the capability of crying for its crimes, for what it does with the wars.”

VATICAN, 19 Nov 15 / 07:44am (ACI/EWTN News)



(Saturday, November 21)

Y Maria del Getsemani


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Pope Francis warns that the attempts in Paris are “part” of the Third World War.

“The terrorist attacks committed this Friday in Paris are “part” of the Third World War flare-up,” Pope Francis assures. The Pontiff has manifested his “consternation” for the attempts that have mourned the French people.

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has called the attacks in Paris “a piece” of the “piecemeal Third World War.”

In a telephone interview on Saturday with the Italian Bishops’ Conference official television network – TV2000 – Pope Francis said the attacks are “not human.”

“I am close to the people of France, to the families of the victims, and I am praying for all of them,” Pope Francis said.  “I am moved and I am saddened. I do not understand, these things hard to understand.”

When asked if this is part of the “piecemeal Third World War” the Holy Father has mentioned many times before, Pope Francis said “this is a piece of it,” adding “there is no religious or human justification for it.”

Previously the Pope had warned that the world is already living a third world war conflict at a world scale, which is developing fragmented beginning with conflicts, crimes, massacres, and destructions that run throughout the planet. On his part, the Vatican condemned “in the most radical manner” the attempts in Paris, and manifested that it’s an attack against “the peace of the entire humanity, which requires a decided and solidary reaction”.


Attempts in Paris: Don’t look for the guilty in the Middle East, they are in the US.

Published: 14 Nov 2015 19:23 GMT ¯ Latest news: 14 Nov 2015 19:47 GMT

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(November 14)

Y Maria del Getsemani



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“War never again!”

Is the urgent cry that from our hearts and from

the hearts of all men and women of good will

Rises to the Prince of peace.”

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(November 14)

Y Maria del Getsemani

Post-Synodal Confusion?


Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State, has just made some statements, which I believe are important, very significant. He has said that he believes it should not take too long before a Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation gathering the conclusions of the recently concluded Synod of Bishops is issued and, now, gathering with a magisterial dimension, aspect; in other words, a magisterial statement of the Pope, with a very significant phrase, he has said, “Iron must be worked while it’s still hot”.

I believe this Apostolic Exhortation, this magisterial intervention by the Pope is really vital. The Synod concluded, nevertheless, the confusion has not ended. You hear all kinds of things. For some it is evident that the Synod has approved the communion of the divorced who have remarried, with the provision they have to do it listening to their conscience and visiting a confessor. Well, it will be sufficient to find a confessor who is broad minded. In the other hand, for others, nothing has been modified, absolutely nothing. For example, Cardinal Dolan from NY just spoke, with a message to his parishioners who are alarmed, telling them exactly this. The conclusions of the Synod are faithful to the Church’s doctrine and do not allow the communion of the divorced who have remarried.

But, in the other hand, there are others, who not only I say believe that yes they can receive communion, but who even go further, one of the bishops from Belgium, who participated in the synod has said that naturally, in addition to the divorced who have remarried, those living in common union without matrimony, homosexuals who practice homosexuality, and anyone else, who speak to a confessor, listen to their conscience, can receive communion.

The confusion after the synod has not ended, but instead it seems bigger than before. So it is really urgent, urgent, to listen to the voice of the good shepherd. It is urgent to hear the voice of the Holy Father. It is urgent to know what the Pope thinks. The Prefect of the Jesuits, Father Nicholas, recently said as the synod concluded, that what had been really approved had been a door; a door that can be used to enter or to leave. And that now it is the Pope who has to decide if you enter or go out. In other words, in what sense, what was approved in the synod? Today we need to hear the Pope’s voice. The people, the sheep, want to hear the voice of the good shepherd.

While we wait, we must remember that the synod is just a query, without any kind of doctrinal value, without any kind of normative value. It is a consultation done by the Holy Father to a group of bishops, who pass their opinions to the Pope for the Pope to decide freely what he wants to do with those opinions. Does he accept them all, accept some, or reject them all? But the synod does not have any normative value, therefore, in this moment until an Apostolic Exhortation from the Pope appears; until a new magisterial statement appears; in this moment what rules is the Familiaris Consortio of John Paul II, according to which the divorced who have remarried, including those who have been victims of abandonment, cannot receive communion. This is the doctrine of the Church in this moment. If there is a new doctrine of the Church, well, we will see it when the moment comes, and in which sense, and then all of us will know what we have to stick to and how to act. But in this moment, it must be remembered that while we wait for a new pontifical statement what continues valid is the Church’s doctrine, which with all clarity was pronounced by Saint John Paul II in Familiaris Consortio, everything else is desire to create confusion.

Until next week, God willing.


Stalin, the bloody Soviet dictator, who left Russia, planted of cadavers, some who were his old communist friends, and nevertheless, he was not in favor of starting by killing. He used to say that the first thing that had to be done with an enemy or potential enemy was to buy him, bribe him. If this failed what had to be done was to destroy him morally and for that, he looked to see if there was anything shady in his past. If there was much, he published it; if it was small, he made it bigger; and if he didn’t find anything or anything that was relevant, he said it had to be invented. A calumny had to be invented to destroy that person morally, transform him into a dead person while alive, in a living zombie, and in that way the person did not have any prestige. If all of this did not work, then the life of this adversary had to be ended.

And in these days in Rome there is one fear, in these days that the synod is still going on; the conclusions are still unknown, therefore, we still don’t know what are going to be the results. Even though, it all seems to appear that the doctrine is going to be untouched and that the pastoral changes, which was the true Trojan horse, are not going to be significant. It is going to be insisted that the divorced who have remarried, as well as those in common law marriages or homosexuals, must receive a merciful treatment from the Church, spiritual accompaniment, welcome them into the community without that meaning they can receive communion, or at least just to receive it.

Well, really nothing new; nothing that the Church has been doing up to now and trying to open its doors to all, because in fact we are all children of God, regardless of how sinful we are. We always start the Mass saying: “I confess to Almighty God that I have greatly sinned…” Before this, those who lost, who promoted the change, who promoted the modification of the doctrine through the modification of the pastoral, who promoted the communion of the divorced newly remarried, etc. are really upset. They have lost; they are full of rancor, for this trip they did not need so many bags. 

And I repeat there is a rumor in Rome which says “the hour of vengeance starts now”. Well, this is just a rumor, but it has similar overtones. This week a Nuncio in a Latin American country commented that those who have opposed (He said the Pope and this is an error because no one has opposed the Pope), they have been opposed to this change in the doctrine and the pastoral, “moral bombs are going to explode in their hands”. For example, there is a very important Latin American Cardinal of whom they are circulating through email a calumny saying he is a rapist. Cardinal Sarah, a prestigious African cardinal who presides liturgy, one of those who has faced with more decision against Cardinal Kasper, of the thesis of communion in favor of the divorced, a Nuncio in an African country, they are saying he is a manipulator and spreading through Rome a document that discredits this cardinal. 

In this same line, we must highlight the accusations and aggressions that Cardinal Cañizares is suffering, simply because he has expressed himself in a non-aggressive, offensive, or insulting way, regarding the risks there are of an indiscriminate acceptance of refugees. Or of what Cardinal Pell, another one of the great leaders, who have faced the matter of communion for the divorced who have remarried, they are going to dig in his past and find a possible permissiveness with a pederast priest when he was an Archbishop in Australia.

They are digging to decapitate, discredit the leaders of this confrontation. I repeat, not the Pope, but concrete theses which did not triumph in the synod. And this is also going to happen with the news people, for example, they have taken from some reporters the accreditation to enter the Vatican press room. This is not an event worthy of tearing your clothes, but this has already occurred. And this is, probably, going to happen with more bishops and cardinals, as well as with reporters.

One thing has to be said, and with all clarity, Stalin’s methods planted Russia with dead bodies; the methods of Stalin did much harm, but they failed. They can cut heads off, discredit, they can be able to make some people feel so bad that they won’t dare to come out in the street, but their position will be filled by another, because behind all this is not this or that other person, is the Holy Spirit, who is capable of arousing from stones those who are willing to speak the truth. Stalin’s methods did not work to prevent communism from disappearing; even though, I repeat, they did hurt many innocent people. What we have to do is trust in God and to truly accept that the Church is driven by the Holy Spirit, and that we men cannot change the teachings of Jesus Christ, if we don’t want to stop belonging to the Church.

Until next week, God willing.

 *And in Gloria TV (a channel that I do not recommend) there is a longer talk about the same subject: The Truth About the Synod of Fr. Santiago Martin, in which he explains to us what really was the Synod of the Family.

And in Magnificat TV (a channel I fully recommend) We suggest you watch:The Weekly News of Magnificat TV (November 4, 2015)

Let us seek shelter in:

The Gospel, The Tradition, and The Magisterium: which are the safe boards that save us from the sea of confusion. Christ is the Same Today, Tomorrow, and Always.

(November 04)

Y Maria


“Through my user account in Gloria TV – which I stopped using since the Pope was constantly slandered by a person, who frequently placed videos, I have found out that this person has been suspended and that the Channel publicly has rectified its position regarding the Holy Pope.

Through these means I humbly beg you to withdraw the poison that remained spread regarding Pope Francis, and also the defamation to Enoc be equally withdran from the Google search engine (whose author is the same person that has been suspended). The one who poisoned is removed, so the rectification is complete, the poison that remained must also be removed.




(MONDAY – Dedicated to pray in a special way for our Sisters, the Blessed Souls of Purgatory.)

With your mouse, you can move these two cards unto your screen, so they will serve as a reminder throughout the year, and especially on Mondays, to pray for the Holy Souls of Purgatory. Five minutes that you spend each Monday praying for them is a Great Work of Mercy, and one day you might need them. And who is going to pray for you if you don’t teach it now to your family?

St. Gertrude’s Prayer (sung in English). It’s a simple and beautiful composition.

The track is from the CD “Our Catholic Faith” by Catholic singer Donna Cori Gibson.

(November 2)

Y Maria

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