“To My Lost Sheep: Come Back!”

(Jesus of Nazareth)



(An Angel of the Lord Speaks)

Creature of Heaven, listen:

It is very IMPORTANT that your brothers understand this:

These Beautiful Didactic Dialogs for Humanity are special for the lambs that were lost in the world, as you were. They are for those who had absolutely no religious instruction, or for the brothers who had it but plagued with human errors.

On these we are taking you from the most tender spiritual infancy, passing through young adulthood, until you reach maturity. That is why it is important that you follow them step-by-step, Dialog by Dialog; and not to be read as the news in the papers that with a superficial and thoughtless look, you’ve had enough; but to be read with a very open heart and for you to go out in the world practicing them; so you will make them yours.

In that way, with that Great Love, infinite, with which we have been guiding you; each one of your brothers who reads them will be guided. Each one is “Our Little One”, so make them yours, as The Voice of the Father, of Our Lord Jesus Christ, of Our Most Holy Mother, that is addressed in an intimate and personal way to each one who reads them.

Do you understand how you are to follow this guide of Salvation, this Way of Crumbs to reach the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your and Our King of kings and Lord of lords?

The good use that each one obtains from them will be by each person’s individual effort.

It is, My Beloved Creatures, a banquet for little ones, but of each one depends if you only conform with the crumbs that fall on the floor, or if you enter to take advantage of everything: It depends on you.

The Most Holy Trinity gives you, bestows on you, gives you this instrument of Perfect and Transforming Conversion as a Gift to Humanity.

Treasure it, My children, treasure as what it is: Your Very Own Salvation.

May the Peace of the Most Holy Trinity reign in your Hearts with Goodness and Truth.

(A humble servant, Angel of the Lord)

(July 22, Year of the Lord 2013)

Y María del Getsemaní

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